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ASIRIUS OÜ – Reliable partners for industrial solutions

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Bulk Material Handling

Asirius specializes in turnkey high quality solutions for bulk material handling to clients in various industries such as energy, ports, mining, oil & gas, steel and cement sectors, and covering a wide variety of materials with capacities of up to tens of thousands of tonnes per hour.

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Industrial Automation

You can rely on Asirius to assist you with the procurement of of high-quality and efficient industrial automation solutions including flowmeters, sensors & transducers, special application cameras, switches, touch panels and other latest state-of-the-art innovations

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Mechanical Equipment

Asirius provides turnkey solutions as well as spares for mechanical equipment including blowers, cable reels, vacuum pumps, gearboxes, couplings, heat exchangers, air and oil-coolers to various industries such as energy, ports, mining, oil & gas, steel & cement sectors.

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Electrical Equipment

LV and MV industrial motors, customized according to client’s requirements. Relays, Fuses, Carbon brushes, Control and Power transmission cables suitable for a large range of operations, from small capacities to heavy duty applications.

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