Each asset which has value to your organisation needs to be reliably operated and maintained considering specific requirements and challenges.

Therefore professional asset management has become key for the productivity and sustainability in industrial companies and even beyond.

The objective of Asset Management is to increase value of your assets by improving performance and enhancing life while optimising costs and reducing risks.

Even small improvements of availability and efficiency over lifetime of your plant can allow you to generate many million dollars of additional profit. At ASIRIUS we understand your challenges thanks to our in-depth knowledge and technical know-how gathered over the years.

This is why we can offer one of a kind asset management approach which improves the value you get out of your asset by focusing on 3 key points:

Boost value of your assets by optimising your business in partnership with ASIRIUS

  • Improve CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) and OPEX (Operational Expenditure)
  • Mitigate risks
  • Improve productivity
  • Demonstrate HSEQ compliance
  • Enhance reputation
  • Improve efficiency and organisational sustainability

Facility operations have become more complicated than ever as the management’s focus shifted from production throughput to overall operational excellence. This has put significant pressure on the facility maintenance and reliability personnel as they now need to justify overall lifecycle cost of assets, extend operational life, and allocate the maintenance budgets in addition to meeting the day-to-day operational demands on their equipment. While some facilities have newer equipment to support their operations, most facilities are operating with assets that are about three to four decades old which require the right maintenance strategies in place to ensure that operation demands are met.