Water is the basis of all life. At Asirius, we consider it our responsibility to protect water and promote its sparing and conscientious use – especially in regions exposed to water scarcity by offering innovative products & solutions.

Manufacturing & process industries produce large quantities of wastewater every day. We help our customers across different industries set new standards in responsible water management by providing innovative and energy-efficient solutions which reduces their plants’ energy and water footprint.

Wastewater treatment is the process that removes the majority of the contaminants from wastewater or sewage and produces both a liquid effluent (clean water) suitable for disposal to the natural environment and stabilised biosolids.

Environmental Specialists

Our customers from all over the world, including consultants and industrial end-users, rely on our expertise and technical know-how to supply state-of-the-art equipment for different environmental applications including wastewater treatment plants.

There are 3 consecutive steps in the process for sewage and industrial wastewater treatment using dissolved oxygen (aerobic treatment) and floc forming bacteria (activated sludge):



The sludge is fed and aerated. Micro-organisms accumulate the organic materials quickly (absorption)



The accumulated and absorbed substrates are oxidized into H O and CO while producting energy. The generated energy is used to take up substrates and generate new micro-organisms.



Sludge starts to settle in a quiescent zone and is seperated from the supernatant effluent (= treated wastewater). The purified water can now be removed.

Aerobic and Anaerobic
Wastewater Treatment

Treating sewage and industrial wastewater is a bacterial process where bacteria rapidly consume matter. Depending on the wastewater characteristics, Asirius offers aerobic, anaerobic and anaerobic/aerobic wastewater treatment solutions

Wastewater applications require high turn down capability along with intermittent mode operation to maintain process performance but there are various factors to consider in order to achieve the right balance between energy efficiency and flexibility to meet varied load demand.

Environmental Solutions

In a fast changing and competitive market, our continuous innovations to supply aeration equipment for wastewater plants that not only meet customer’s specific process requirements but also help them save money in terms of efficient energy consumption, low maintenance cost and minimum down time, makes us a trusted and reliable partner for the wastewater treatment industry across the globe. We also cover other segments of environmental solutions including sewage handling, municipal wastewater treatment, biogas, mechanical vapor recompression, and more.

Our cost-effective solutions for new installations as well as up-gradation of existing plants are a major focus of our technical excellence and application know-how.

As a leading supplier of environmental solutions, we work on new technologies aligned with our vision of achieving sustainable profitable growth for ourselves and our customers & partners by focusing on increasing efficiency and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) which is always a key challenge for plant operators.

Sustainability is one of our key priorities which motivates our business. We strive to innovate, improve resource efficiency and protect our environment. For us, that means thinking ahead, focusing firmly on the future of generations to come, and consistently pursuing sustainability as a company. Read more about Sustainability goals here.

  • Optimum energy efficiency
  • Low life cycle cost with minimum down-time & maintenance cost
  • Compact, Low noise operation
  • Standard & Customized solutions tailor-made according to process requirements