ASIRIUS maintains the competitive edge in the industry when it comes to maintenance support and supplying consumables, spare and wear parts for your plant over its entire life cycle.

In today’s industrial world, the optimization of spare parts inventory is of vital importance in order to reduce high capital expenditure and minimize the risk of unplanned shutdowns as a result of spare parts shortage. We understand that the right spares, supplied within maintenance shut-down’s sensitive timelines, are key elements to maximise productivity of your plant.

ASIRIUS supports its customer in supply chain management of spare parts, offering activities that include the analysis and improvement of inventories and the optimization of spare parts procurement.

MRO Division of ASIRIUS is responsible for carrying out the following tasks:

  • Criticality analysis—Evaluating lead time, quality and cost benefit analysis considering downtime and other associated costs
  • Procurement—Global purchasing of equipment and services, giving advantage to customers due to special discount rates.
  • Project Management—Production monitoring in relation to project dates and quality
  • Logistics—Optimum planning of shipping activities, in order to ensure that equipment reaches the customer or the plant site within the agreed time, free from damage

All of these aspects are matched to the specific requirements of our customers and projects. Orders are placed with the supplier that offers the optimum solution with regard to cost-effectiveness, quality, dates, reliability and service. Naturally, we expect our suppliers to play an active part in developing this optimum solution.


Individual Spares
for OEM Equipments

Wear Parts

We manage the entire supply chain, from receiving enquiries from the customers, to delivery to the plant site according to project timeline.

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