Asirius is always seeking new ways to innovate, improve resource efficiency and protect our environment. We strive to have a positive impact on the communities we work in. Whether through long-term global partnerships or local projects, our focus is on sharing our success and empowering local communities.

Our success has always been built on strong local relationships. We seek to make a sustainable and positive difference to communities and in our shared global environment.

For us, sustainability is not just a word. It's about being here in the future and getting there responsibly. Together with our customers, we are driving our sustainability agenda with focus on energy efficient industrial solutions, resource efficiency, health & safety, responsible supply chain, reliable products & services and corporate sustainability.

We are motivated by the desire to provide solutions that improve the quality of life, and that help conserve natural resources. For us, that means thinking ahead, focusing firmly on the future of generations to come, and consistently pursuing sustainability as a company

We work to optimize

a resource-efficient, responsible and sustainable operation

We target offering

our customers the most energy-efficient solutions for their business

We strive to be a good

company and a good citizen wherever we operate, nurturing equality, diversity and promoting social responsibility.

Zero Carbon - Goal Twenty30

Energy is a central factor in the debate about effective measures to mitigate climate change. “Climate change is being caused by a growing concentration of greenhouse gases – first and foremost CO₂. The increased concentration levels are clearly attributable to humanity’s use of fossil resources,” the climate expert says. “To limit global warming, we have to use energy efficiently and turn to clean energy sources – and do so as quickly as possible.”

At Asirius, we recognize our responsibility.

To limit global warming, we have set ourselves a clear, but also highly ambitious, target: To reduce our carbon footprint to zero by 203

Water is the basis of all life. At Asirius, too, we need this valuable resource for our daily work. That is why we consider it our responsibility to protect water and promote its sparing and conscientious use – especially in regions exposed to water scarcity and by offering innovative products & solutions.

By 2050, roughly two-thirds of the global population will live in cities. Urbanization is increasing and with it the challenges. The growing population is fueling demand and has put immense pressure on natural resources. nnovative ideas help to protect our environment and improve people’s quality of everyday life.

Closed loop instead of one-way system

In a resource-constrained world that is only 9% circular, we recognize the need to move away from linear “production-usedisposal” models and better understand how our innovations can enable a low carbon and circular economy. We follow the guiding principle of a closed-loop or circular economy.

Our commitment to develop new business models and provide innovative industrial solutions to our clients will minimise waste, keep materials in use, and support more regenerative and restorative systems. This way, we want to transition away from traditional value creation based on a linear “production-usedisposal” progression and move toward a closed-loop cycle in the long term.

Our goal is to integrate circular economy principles into our business models considering lifecycle impacts in the markets we serve because we firmly believe that the clearest path to a sustainable world is to transition to a low carbon and circular economy.

Sustainable Development Goals

We are using the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as a guiding set of principles to understand what the world needs action on now. Through this commitment, we intend to shift our innovation processes to purposefully drive towards solutions that address the global challenges included in the UN SDGs.

As a responsible business we strive to constantly improve our processes and performance, and do our part to contribute towards global targets. Our goal is to align 100% of our industrial solutions to meaningfully advance the UN SDGs and create value for our customers. Click on the UNs’ Sustainable Development Goals below to find out more about the work Asirius is doing on each of these areas.

No Poverty

Local employment and skills development is at the heart of our global model.

98% of our world-class workforce in Trinidad and Tobago are Trinibagonian, alongside majority-local teams in our methanol operations in Oman and the United States.

This distribution of investment ensures that our success is always shared with the communities where we live and work.

Zero Hunger

Our CSR activities will focus on supporting farmers worldwide to attain know-how for healthy plant growth and high crop yields.

Good Health and Well-Being

Our HSEQ policies place physical as well as mental well-being of our customers & partners at the forefront

Quality Education

Working with local partners, we pledge to invest in better education at all levels, from primary to tertiary learning. Within Asirius, we are planning to start apprenticeship program to support new talent development.

Gender Equality

We are committed to providing an equal opportunities workplace. We constantly review our policies to ensure that we recruit, motivate and progress talented women within our business, at all levels of decision-making

Clean Water and Sanitation

We are committed to being responsible stewards of this essential resource. Our waste water treatment expertise allow customers to utilise recycled water in operations.

Affordable and Clean Energy

Our power generation solutions help customers all over the world to produce clean, affordable and sustainable energy.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

For us, local content means local value added, and the generation of economic activity that drives employment and the distribution of wealth to all levels of society. This principle extends across our operations, from local capacity-building to fair and transparent sourcing and procurement.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

We help our customers across the world to maintain their facilities according to industry-leading standards, to ensure the highest levels of safe, efficient and environmentally responsible operations.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

We plan to start CSR activities and partner will well-recognised NGOs to support a range of home building, disaster resilience and emergency response projects across in South Asia.

Responsible Consumption and Production

We oversee all projects, processes and products through their life cycles, protecting our employees and local communities while minimizing environmental impact.

Climate Action

Asirius continuously seeks to improve resource efficiency, by offering best-in-class technology to our customers enabling them to optimise performance.

Life Below Water

Our waste water treatment solutions contributes to safe marine environment by removing contaminants from wastewater and convert it into an effluent that can be returned to the water cycle with minimum impact on the environment

Life on Land

We work closely with local communities to regenerate forest areas supporting livelihoods and driving sustainable regional economic development.

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

We adhere to a rigorous code of conduct and shared values throughout the business, which promote the development of effective, accountable and transparent institutions in all of our markets.

Partnerships for the Goals

We are a fundamentally partnerships-led business. In all of our markets, we choose the best-in-class technologies, operating and health and safety practices in the development of locally-led, world-class production facilities. We constantly innovate, seeking new partnerships to shift the paradigm of industries.