ASIRIUS is a reliable full-range solution provider for the cement industry. From new and upgradation projects to equipment modernisation, individual machines, spares and services, we have the unique expertise and technical know-how to meet customer’s specific requirements.

From the initial stages of quarry, raw material transportation and storage till the packing station from where cement bags leaves the cement plant, ASIRIUS offers 360-degree solutions guided by our mission of driving prosperity and sustainable growth through innovative and cost-effective solutions.

We work closely with our customers in cement industry across the world to reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) by offering intelligent solutions which maximises their productivity. Through different stages of plant cycle, ASIRIUS offers one-window operation to our clients which not only accelerates different procedures but also ensures fast and trouble-free communication.

Every project has its unique features. Tell us your individual requirements and we will find the optimal technical and economic solution for your long-term success.

No matter how large or small your project is, no matter in which region of the world your site is located, no matter what the engineering challenges are, ASIRIUS will help you find the right solution.


  • Cooler Grate plates
  • Cross-bar cooler profiles
  • Lip Seals
  • Kiln Inlet sectors
  • Outlet sectors
  • Anchors
  • Preheater Dip tube
  • Immersion tube
  • Raw mill Tyre segments
  • Mill table segments
  • Separator
  • Separator Fins
  • Dam ring
  • Scatter ring
  • Vertical liners
  • Side liners
  • Ball mill diaphragm
  • Cement mill liners
  • Bolts
  • Clinker crusher hammers
  • Limestone crusher
  • Hammer bolt
  • Wear plates for crusher
  • Complete rotor
  • Gearboxes
  • Couplings
  • LV/MV Motors
  • VFDs
  • Hydraulics
  • Heat exchangers
  • Blowers
  • Pumps & Actuators

Raw Material Preparation

Cement manufacturing process starts with the extraction and preparation of raw material. Even at the initial stages, the requirements are high because high-grade homogeneous raw material is critical to manufacturing high-grade cement in a cost-effective way. This is why ASIRIUS solves your challenging tasks while focusing on:

  • Robust and reliable designs
  • Low resource consumption
  • High operational reliability
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Intelligent 4.0 industrial solutions

Clinker Production

The burning process is performed in 3 consecutive steps:

  • Preheating & calcining of raw material in the cyclone preheater
  • Burning of the raw material in kiln to form clinker
  • Cooling of the clinker

The first step is a multistage cyclone preheater with calciner where the raw material is preheated to approx. 900C and calcined. Then the material is passed on to the rotary kiln where sintering takes place at a temperature of approx. 1450C for formation of clinker. Subsequently, the clinker is passed through clinker cooler. Due to the competitive business environment, the industry’s requirements regarding quality, maximum performance, minimum costs and low emission rates, from the preheater to the clinker conveyor, are more decisive today than they have ever been before

Cement Manufacturing

In the final process stage of cement manufacturing, the cement clinker is extracted from the clinker silos and finely ground, together with gypsum as a setting regulator and possibly other additive materials.The composition and fineness determine the cement properties and thus the strength of the produced concrete. The different types and strength categories of cement are stored in separate silos and then discharged into loading systems. In recent years, cement manufacturers have significantly increased their product ranges – a trend that can be expected to continue for economical and ecological reasons.


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