Asirius is an application and service-driven industrial solution provider a multi-discipline specialist offering a wide range of high-quality industrial solutions, spares, components and associated technical and logistics services.

We serve customers in their operations and maintenance (O&M) and repair and overhaul operations (MRO). We can also integrate into our customers’ businesses to establish an even closer and more responsive working relationship. Our in-depth technical know-how is our major strength.

“Our vision is to become the natural hub between process industry and the world's leading industrial equipment manufacturers.”

3 Mega-Trends Shaping Our Future

Rapid urbanisation

Cities are getting bigger and our aging population demands more and more services and comfort. Our technologies and products can help cities become healthier and more sustainable. It’s a real opportunity, because managed properly, cities can be ecofriendly and comfortable places to live and work.

Climate change and resource scarcity

The rising demand for energy and raw materials continues to strain the finite resources of the planet. The world needs solutions that improve energy efficiency, lower waste and make materials more lightweight and durable. Our breakthrough innovations can push real progress.

Internet of Things

As sensors, semiconductors and connectivity become more capable and cost efficient, the collection and analysis of data is set to explode. Smart homes, autonomous cars and connected industries are all areas that we provide technologies for and will be important drivers of positive change